Friesian Horse Breed: Appearance, Temperament, And Care

Friesian horses are a rare breed of horse that has the extremely strong jumping ability and are known for their intelligence, courage, and beauty. Friesians can be found throughout the world as there is a Friesian studbook in every country where Friesians live.

They were originally from Friesland (hence the name) but today live all over Europe including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and England. Their history dates back to around 500BC when they were mentioned by Roman writers as “a racehorse”.

Friesian horses are a very popular breed and are often used in movies and TV shows. Friesian horses have been in movies such as The Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, and War Horse. Friesian horses are also used in TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey.

The History Of Friesian Horses:

The History Of Friesian Horses

The Friesian horse is a breed of horse that originated in Friesland, in the Netherlands. These horses are known for their black coat, and for their elegant appearance.

Friesian horses have been used for a variety of purposes over the years, including transportation, agriculture, and war.

They are now mainly used for recreational purposes, such as dressage and carriage driving.

The Friesian breed is believed to have developed from horses that had escaped and survived in Friesland during the French occupation of Friesland. The Friesians were valued by the people who later bred them, for their strength, beauty, and intelligence.

Many of these horses were of Oriental breeding, including Arabian bloodlines. From the seventeenth century onward, Friesian horses were used in war and for transportation.

In the 1800s, Friesian horses were exported to other parts of Europe, including England and Germany. They were also exported to the United States. Friesian horses began to be used for recreational purposes in the early twentieth century. In the 1970s, Friesian horses were imported to Australia and New Zealand.

Friesian Horse Physical Appearance And Temperament:

Friesian Horse Physical Appearance And Temperament

Friesian horses range from 13hh to 15hh with many sizes in between. A standard height for a Friesian is 14.3hh. They are tall, slim horses with long neck and neck roman head carriage. Friesian horses have a black coat, long mane and tail, and feathering on their lower legs.

They are also one of the heaviest horse breeds, weighing in at around 900 pounds. Friesian horses come in many different colors including chestnut brown, bay, black, gray/silver dapple grey, dun, or grullo coloration with a blue roan gene which gives them a unique look.

One of the most important things to look for in a Friesian is their temperament. Friesians are known for their intelligence and courage and should have a willing attitude. They should also be good with children and other animals.

Friesians have a calm, steady temperament and are known for being true gentlemen. Friesians also have a very beautiful grace about them and Friesians of different sexes and ages can be told apart by their physical differences.

Friesian horses are extremely popular in Europe and Friesians were at their most popular around the 1800s. Friesian horses are also very versatile, so they vary in terms of riding. Friesians can be used for dressage, showjumping, driving, and as a general pleasure horse.

Friesian Horse Care 101 :

Fresian Horse Care 101

Horses are a large part of many people’s lives, and there is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning one. here, we will be discussing the basics of Friesian horse care- including how to groom and feed them.

Grooming your Friesian Horse is an important part of their overall care. Not only does it help keep them looking good, but it also helps keep their skin and coat healthy. You should brush them at least once a day, and more if they are particularly dirty or have a lot of mud on them. Be sure to use a soft brush, as you don’t want to damage their skin.

Feeding your horse is also crucial- you need to make sure that they are getting the right balance of nutrients to stay healthy. A good rule of thumb is to provide them with around 1.5% of their body weight in hay each day and supplement that with a small amount of grain. Make sure that the hay you are feeding them is of good quality- otherwise, it could end up doing more harm than good.

In conclusion, although it can be a lot of work, taking care of a horse is an extremely rewarding experience. Make sure you have enough time to dedicate to their upkeep, and they will repay you with all the love and affection anyone could ask for.

Friesian Horse Price:

There is a wide range of Friesian horse prices, depending on the age, breeding, and training of the horse.

Generally, younger horses will be cheaper than older horses, horses that have been bred specifically for dressage will be more expensive than those who haven’t, and horses that have been extensively trained will be more expensive than those who haven’t.

However, because of the wide range in the prices and qualities of Friesian’s, it is difficult to provide a standard price list. However, Friesian horse can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 depending on the quality of the Friesian.

Friesians can also be very expensive to maintain because of their size and the fact that they are a rare breed of horse.

Friesians need lots of time spent grooming them in order for them to have that beautiful shiny coat. Friesian horses need to be well-fed for them to grow into healthy Friesian horses. Friesian horses also need regular exercise in order to maintain their jumping power.

How To Adopt Or Buy A Friesian Horse?

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking to buy a Friesian horse. Firstly, always make sure you’re buying from a reputable source – there are a lot of scams out there involving horses, so it’s important to do your research and only deal with people you trust.

Secondly, always have a vet check the horse before you buy it – even if the horse looks healthy, always get it checked out.

In addition, make sure you know what type of riding the horse has been trained for – some Friesian horses are used in dressage, others are used in show jumping or eventing.

And finally, remember that price can’t be your only consideration when buying a Friesian horse – if the horse is too expensive, you might not be able to afford vet bills and other expenses.

If you’re looking for a Friesian horse, the best thing to do is research as much as possible. If you can, talk to people who already own one and see what they think of it – that way, you’ll get an idea of what to expect.

You can also talk to some local breeders and see what they have for sale – again, make sure you do your research first though! There are a lot of Friesian horses for sale out there, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one at the right price!


Are Friesian Horses Good For Riding?

Friesian horses are good for riding. They are the perfect size if you want to take your kids out on trails or just around the farm. They are also really good at dressage. If you are looking for a horse that is good at both, then a Friesian may be the better choice for you. The Friesian horse also has a lot of character and personality. They are known to be very sensible horses that are easy to handle and very intelligent.

Are Friesian Horses Good For Beginners?

Friesian horses are supposedly good for beginners and advanced riders also. There are many reasons why Friesian horses are popular among novices. One of the reasons that Friesian horses are popular among novices is because they have a smaller stature. Another reason is that they have thicker mane and tails, which makes them easier to groom in comparison to other breeds.

How Long Does A Friesian Horse Live?

A Friesian horse, on average, lives to be about 25 years old. However, some have been known to live up to 30 years or more. Their lifespan is largely determined by their health and how well they are cared for. With good care, a Friesian horse can live a long and happy life.

What Problems Do Friesian Horses Have?

Friesian horses are well known for their height, body type, and coloring. They are also well known for their health problems. Dwarfism is a condition in which an organism’s height is significantly lower than the average of the species to which it belongs. Hydrocephalus is a rare medical condition in which pressure on or damage to certain parts of the brain can lead to an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the brain’s ventricular system. Chronic dermatitis is inflammation of the skin that does not heal after two weeks. It usually begins with redness and scaling before forming crusts, scabs, or open sores.

How Much Does A Friesian Forse Cost?

The price of a Friesian Horse can vary depending on the age, sex, and pedigree of the horse. Generally, the price of a Friesian Horse ranges from $10,000 to $50,000.


When it comes to horses, the Friesian breed is one of the most popular. These beautiful animals are known for their elegant and graceful appearance, as well as their intelligence.

They’ve been used in a variety of ways throughout history- from military purposes such as carrying knights into battle or pulling carriages through town squares; to agricultural work like plowing fields and transporting goods across rough terrain.

No matter what your goals may be with this horse, we hope that you enjoyed reading about these fascinating creatures!