Parti Yorkie: Is It The Right Pet For Your Family?

Parti Yorkie is a small, toy breed of dog. It is popular for its extraordinary looks and appearance.

Parti Yorkie is one of the unique purebred Yorkshire terriers with beautiful coloring and patterns. This breed may be established in the last of the eighth century.

This breed is well recognized for its tri-color hair which can differentiate it from other Yorkshires. This tri-color hair may be like a mixture of white, tan, and brown colors.

They are lovely, loyal, and devoted themselves to making a protective companion of humans. They have one another criteria of barking which differentiate it from others.

What Is A Parti Yorkie?

Parti Yorkie - FluffyDude

Parti Yorkies are originated from the purebred Yorkshire terriers not mixed with other dog breeds. They have a well-recognized distinctive coat color of brown, white, and tan mixture.

Generally, Parti Yorkie is a small, homey, toy-like dog breed that is very fond of people. The average weight of this breed is between 4-7 pounds and height varies from 7 to 8 inches. They have a long lifespan of about 12-14 years. These dogs have a straight, long, and soft coat that falls squarely on their backs. 

Color Variations Of Parti Yorkie:

There are few color variations in Parti Yorkie. This color variation depends on the recessive parti gene. The Parti Yorkie puppy has a variety of colors from white markings to black fur. But they have also some other variations like:

Golden Or Blonde Parti Yorkie

They look like original Yorkshire terriers but don’t have any blue or black markings. When a puppy of golden Parti Yorkie is born the color maybe gold with white markings or solid gold. But this color is changed from lighter blonde gold to deep or rich gold.

Chocolate Parti Yorkie

If both Yorkshire parents carry the double recessive chocolate gene then the dog’s hair color will be chocolate. And the unique color of Parti Yorkie has been produced due to the presence of Parti Yorkie genes in both pure Yorkshire parents.


The Parti Yorkies are the same as their Yorkshire ancestors in personality. The only difference is their coat color which helps it to differentiate from pure Yorkshire.

They are very loyal, brave, energetic, quick learner family dogs. They like grown-up kids more than young kids.

They are very protective. They are always alert and try to protect their master and start bark when anyone unknown comes towards their owner. they are very affectionate and seek love and attention from the owner.

They can’t stay alone for a long time as they are supposed to face depression or separation anxiety. They are easy to communicate with and can train easily to become smart, friendly pets.

Parti Yorkies are sensitive to extreme temperatures. They will prefer warmer weather, but too hot temperatures can cause heat exhaustion. If it’s too cold, they will struggle to regulate body temperature and stay warm.


Parti Yorkie Grooming

The grooming of a Parti Yorkie is quite different because their coat is covered with short to medium hair, not fur.

Daily brushing of the coat is necessary to prevent tangling or matting. After brushing a leave-in conditioner should be spritzed over the coat for moisturization and it will be done twice a week.

The coat should be trimmed by a professional groomer and the hairs over the eyes and ears should also be trimmed when it is necessary. Shorter the coat is easily manageable and takes less effort.

The dog needs to bathe once a month with neutral shampoo for small dogs to prevent irritation, bad smell and make it charming.

Regular brushing of teeth thrice a week is necessary. Trimming of nails should be done every 6 weeks apart and clean wax from ears on every two weeks.

Food And Nutrition:

Parti Yorkie Diet

A proper and well-balanced diet is required for the Parti Yorkie. A proper diet should be formulated by a nutritionist is more preferable.

The diet must include meat proteins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids for their proper growth and development.

Vegetables and fruits such as bananas can fulfill the requirement of essential vitamin supplements. Foods like grapes, salty food, mushrooms, chocolates are as harmful to this breed as any other breed.

Parti Yorkie should be feed 3 – 4 meals a day, after 3-4 hrs later of each meal. It can prevent problems of stomach upset. A Parti Yorkie dog needs 500 – 600 calories in a day. 1.5 cups of kibble per day can meet up the requirement.

Training Of Parti Yorkie:

This dog is very responsive to training. They are smart, intelligent, and quick learners. They love human companionship and love its owner and can protect them, alert them by barking, from any unwanted situation or unknown person. 

A Parti Yorkie puppy should keep with her parents until 12 weeks otherwise they can suffer from separation anxiety.

So, their training will be started after 12 weeks. As they are home dogs and little in size, learning potty training is so important. Because they have a smaller urinary bladder and their capacity is low. For this, they should be learned going outside, marking a point, and pooing there.

Those who live in apartments should teach their dog to poop in a home in a potty. After every 15 minutes, they will take to their potty place and give a potty break. They should train to get out from home by a puppy gate.

After some days of continuous training, they learn very well about the time of poo, which place they should go for poop out, and how? When teaching something new, the trainer should give his time, patience, and love, and do the work repeatedly so the dog can learn easily. 

Health Problems:

Parti Yorkie Health

The Parti Yorkie suffers from many health problems such as patellar luxation, retinal atrophy, some digestive problems, loss of teeth, deficiency of calcium deficiency.

They suffer from poor dentition because 42 teeth are placed in their tiny mouth which is very prone to build up tartar, plaque, decay, overcrowding, losing teeth, and gum disease.

Regular brushing and checking of teeth can prevent them to lose their teeth. This condition is usually watched at the age of 12 years.

Hip dysplasia is another common problem, around 1 in 20 dogs are suffering from it which leads to ultimate arthritis.

Retinal atrophy is a genetic disorder and it can’t be cured. If they are unfed for a long time or miss a regular meal that can cause digestive problems and even sometimes vomit occur.

Parti Yorkie Puppies & Price:

A Parti Yorkie dam can bear a litter of about 2 or 3 puppies. At the birth time, the weight of a puppy will be 2.5 to 5 ounces. There are four types of Parti Yorkie puppies:

  • Traditional Parti Yorkie
  • Golden Parti Yorkie
  • Chocolate Parti Yorkie
  • Merle Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkie puppy will cost between $1200 and $1500 from a reputable breeder. The price could be high as $10,000 depending on the superior pedigrees and lines of the dog. Finding a good and reputable breeder is critical and one should avoid puppies from backyard breeders and puppy mills. If possible, speak to other Parti Yorkie owners for breeder recommendations. 

Final Thoughts:

They are loyal, devoted, and protective companions who love to spend time with its owner. It is a small dog breed with intelligence and a quick learner so this breed is very easily manageable and very demandable because of its coat color.