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When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes And Ears?

Puppies are very cute during their initial stages of growth, every pet owner loves puppies, and the curiosity of waiting for when the puppies will play with us and children, and to fill the happiness in the house is unmatchable.

But, these things are not going to happen overnight, we need to wait for puppies to open their eyes to see us and their surroundings for wagging their tails while seeing us.

After the mother dog gave birth to cute puppies, it’s a crucial time and at that time, we should take care of puppies and their mother in that time carefully by feeding high-quality food to the mother, giving a comfortable bed or place for mother and puppies, and more.

Here in this article, you will find some common questions like “When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes And Ears?, “When Do Puppies Start Walking?”,”When Do Puppies Start Teething?” is asked by many pet owners.

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes And Ears?

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes And Ears?

We all know human babies are born with their eyes open from the first day itself, unlike human babies, puppies are born with eyes, ears canals closed, and toothless.

Once the puppy’s nervous system is ready and then It will take between 10 – 14 days for puppies to open their eyes and ears, you should not open their eyes or ears manually, let it be natural.

The time taken for puppies to their eyes and ears may vary based on breed, while the puppies’ eyes are closed, they use their smelling power to find their mother for food.

However, it will take around 8 to 10 weeks for puppies to be fully developed to see the surrounding, hear, stand, run and play with humans.


When Can You Start Holding Puppies?

You can hold a newborn puppy gently after they open their eyes and ears that are around 3 weeks of age without harming them, and make sure not to approach puppies when they are protected by their mother and never take a puppy when the mother breastfeeding them.

When Do Puppies Start Walking?

In general, as soon as puppies opened their eyes and ears, they will start to stand and walk by taking little by little steps, they walk unsteadily during the 3rd week of birth, when they reached 7- 8th week they should walk steadily, run and play with humans and with others pets in your house.

When Do Puppies Start Teething?

Puppies start to teethe at around the 3rd week of birth, once they start weaning from their mother, in that time incisors, premolar, molar, and canines emerge and followed by all 28 teeth are expected to grow, and after 12 weeks of birth, adult teeth start to grow by pushing baby teeth out.

What Should I Expect From A 4 Week Old Puppy?

Once the puppies reach 4 weeks, they will be able to run, walk and play. In this period puppies need to wean off the mother’s milk, this process should happen gradually by separating the puppies from the mother for some time and giving them dry puppy foods.

When Do Newborn Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Puppies are born with eyes closed, and it normally takes between 10 – 14 days after birth to open their eyelids after the central nervous system of the puppy is developed, this is a natural process, you should not try to manually open their eyes.

How Do You Know When Puppies’ Ears Open?

Newborn puppies are unable to hear anything until their eyes and ear canals are opened, it is a delicate process and generally takes around 2 weeks for puppies to hear us, and it continues to develop until the puppies reach around 8 weeks old, during this time keep the mother and puppies in a quiet place and avoid loud sounds.

Taking Care Of Your Puppies:

Taking Care Of Your Puppies

Taking care of puppies will be a crucial task for every pet owner and they need special care in all things like food, bed, pet supplies like GPS tracker, and collar.

Make sure to give high-quality puppy food, fresh water and follow the proper diet, monitor puppies’ health in case if you see any problem with puppies, take them to your vet as soon as possible to prevent any big problems.

And also help them to get better sleep by setting up a good dog bed nearby people so that they don’t feel lonely.

It is good to start some small training like potty training when the puppy is three weeks old and it also helps to build a better understanding and a stronger bond between you and your adorable puppies.