White Pug Puppies Price, Health, Grooming, And Nutrition

Pug is a very friendly, loyal, affectionate small dog breed that originated from China. People of modern cities like this dog breed due to its fewer space requirements and management.

They become identical and very cute by their wrinkly black shaded short-muzzled face and curled tail. They are very playful and looks like a toy.

They are easily adaptable to any hot or cold weather and become very friendly with their owner within a very short period of time.

Pugs are of three types depending on their coat color. There are black, fawn, and brindle pug.

White Pug:

A white pug is a white coat color pug which is not a recognized color of the pug breed. White pug is originated by continuous genetic mutation of paler and paler fawn pugs.

The full-body coat is white in color but the nose, ears, lips, skin, and paws are pink in color.

The white pug is a small size dog of 10 – 14 inches and weighs around 14 – 18 pounds. They can live a life of 12 – 14 years.

Psychological Character:

White pugs have very identical for their facial wrinkle which is black in color and also for the curled tail which is present over the hip.

Their body appearance is like a square-shaped cobby body with a compact form, a deep chest, and well-developed muscle. 

White pugs have two distinctive shapes for their ears, one is “Rose” and another one is “Button”. “Rose” type of ears are smaller than that of Button” type. This is a very important character before choosing for breeding.

Their legs are of moderate size and strong who support the whole body nicely. Their feet are small, toes are well split up and their nails are black in color. They have black color in the mouth that looks like a black mask.


They are very polite and adaptive to any environment. It becomes so comfortable with its owner within a few days and they seek attention from its owner.

They can adjust themselves with any aged owner whether a child or old person. Proper care and love can make this dog a loyal companion.

Sometimes they are called “shadows” because they always follow the moods of their owners and like to seek attention, love, and affection. This is a very ideal house dog. They are so lazy and can sit on owners’ lap for the whole day.

Genetics Of White Pug:

White color is not the recognized color for the pug breed. It happens only when the light colors breed of pugs are crossbreed and genetic mutation occurred.  That is how this rare variety of pug dog exist.

The white pug has three variations:

Pugs With Albinism

Pugs with this type are lack melanin-producing genes due to genetic mutation. For this reason, the pugs’ coat color becomes white, the eyes are lighter, and the pink color mask. 

Pugs With Leucism

Pugs of this type are lack pigmentation-producing genes. Here, pink color appears in the mouth and a blue shade or brown color eye.

Pugs With Any White Color Genes

White coat color is found when two lightly fawn pug breeds are bred each other.

Feeding & Nutrition:

White Pug Feeding And Nutrition

This small breed of dog is very fond to take food. If the human companion is the first choice, then the second will be food.

They can take so much food which can cause them easier to gain weight and make obese. Every animal’s need for food depends on age, size, metabolic strength, and physical activity.

A normal pug of average weight needs ½ to 1 cup of quality food per day, divided into two times. Before any change in diet, one should obviously consult with a veterinarian.


As a small breed, this dog has a short coat covering which is smooth, glossy, and double coated. It needs minimal maintenance with love and care.

Bathing can be done once a month or it can be 2-3 times in a month depending on the cleanliness of the dog or prevent doggy smell with good dog shampoo.

This pug’s facial skin is wrinkled and placed folded which can cause infection due to lack of proper cleanliness of dirt or dumpy condition.

During bathing, these wrinkled folds should be cleaned properly and dry them. The gap between bathing folds should be wiped and cleaned properly.

Weekly brushing with a medium-bristle brush or a hound glove helps to remove the loose hair and maintain minimum shed.

Regular nail trimming is very important otherwise it may cause pain when walking, running, or playing.

Their eyes should be cleaned carefully as their eyes are big are protrude, there is a very common chance of getting injured or inflamed. Because of their affection for food, they are very susceptible to gum diseases. Regular teeth brushing with a soft brush can help to prevent this problem. 


White Pug Training

The white pugs are good learners. They adapt their master’s command very quickly. So train the dog properly so that they become polite and loyal. As a food lover and easily gain weight.

They have to train for daily exercise that will reduce the percentage of overweight. The white pugs require 40 minutes of exercise daily and divide the period into two sessions and also allow to take rest in between them. 

Health Issues:

The white pug breed has major health problems like breathing difficulty as they are a brachycephalic breed. Their flat, wrinkled, folded face is responsible for that.

They are very prone to corneal ulcers, dryness, and proptosis due to the large, big-sized, protruded eyes.

They are very commonly suffering from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, Stenotic Nares, obesity, allergies, etc.

In the later stage of life, they may be suffering from nerve denegation, Pug Dog Encephalitis. The albino white pugs suffer from two unique diseases, one is photophobia and another is skin cancer due to their albinism.

In the case of photophobia, they can’t tolerate direct sunlight which may produce sunburn and irritation in the sky.

Skin cancer is caused due to lack of melanin to protect their skin from UV radiation from the sun. So the direct exposure to the sun should be limited to prevent photophobia and skin cancer.

This pug breed becomes overweight very easily, to prevent this condition proper diet plan is needed with some regular physical exercise.

White Pug Puppies:

White Pug Puppies

The average litter size of a white pug is 4 – 6 puppies, this can be varied from 1 – 9. Puppy carries both genes from parents which determines the coat color.

One black and one fawn color produce black color puppy for sure and when the 2 recessive fawn color pug bred then the white pug puppy is produced. This white pug puppy is very popular due to its nice white coat. 

Price And Availability Of White Pug Puppies:

The average price of white pug dogs is between $1500 – 6000. But the albino or white pug cost more because they are quite rare. The price is almost $19,000.

Generally, white pug puppies price is higher than grownups due to its white coat color.


Pugs are very lovable, playful, energetic and for this reason, they are very fond of kids. They are very easy to handle, adaptable to any environment of weather or house for living. They are small, cute, and like a toy for others.